Security door to change the lock core how much? How to change the lock core of the security door

2023-06-05 09:13

First, the lock core classification is as follows:

1. Class A lock core. Class A lock core is a more common lock core for the more versatile security doors on the market. Among many lock cores, class A has the worst anti-theft coefficient, which is not conducive to anti-theft. The price is relatively cheap, about 100.

2. Class B lock core. The anti-theft factor of type B lock core is slightly higher than that of type A, and it is more reliable. The price of this B-class lock core is relatively moderate, after all, its anti-theft coefficient is not the highest. Prices over 200, 300 and above.

3. Super B lock core. The so-called Super B class is definitely more reliable than the B Class. However, most of these levels are created and developed independently by companies and are not much different from Level B in terms of anti-theft levels. The better price is 600 yuan, the general price is 300 yuan.

4. Super B blade lock core. It has the highest level of anti-theft, the most reliable technology and the highest production technology. It is difficult for thieves to find the focus of this level of lock core, and it takes at least an hour to open. This type of lock cartridge is also very expensive, usually more than 300, good quality is more than 800.

Second, how to replace the anti-theft door lock core

1. When replacing the anti-theft lock core, you must first choose the lock core of the same size. At this time, we should find the location of the anti-theft door lock core, remove the corresponding screws, and then replace the original lock core with the key. The last step is to measure the size of the lock core so that we can buy the appropriate size of the anti-theft lock core.

2. When we select the right lock core, the next step is to install it. Although the installation and disassembly steps are very different, care should be taken not to tighten the screws, otherwise the security door handle is not easy to open.

3. When replacing the lock core, people should not only consider the degree of change of the security door to the lock core, but also consider how to change the anti-theft door lock.