Lock core stuck in the door can not get out how to do

2023-06-05 09:13

1, if the lock core is stuck, it may be that the key does not correspond to a good position, or some security door lock core has been dislocated. At this time, if you can't open it with the key, only when the lock core is reset, press it down with your hand to move the key and pull the key out.

2, there is another reason that the lock core is stuck, that is, there is a safety latch inside the security door, if the button is loose, the safety latch will fall down when the door is closed, and turning with the key will also lead to the problem of the lock core being stuck, and it cannot open the door at all. Or someone has turned off the safety from the inside, in which case you can't open the door.

Lock core is stuck out of the solution

1, if the lock core is stuck, the key can not be pulled out, we can drop some lubricant into the lock core hole, and then with the right direction, maybe we can pull the key out, the lock core stuck problem can be solved.

2, in addition, if it is because of the safety bolt that the lock core is stuck, you can prepare an electric drill bit, and then drill a circle of eyes above the security door box, pry the eyes open, and then look at the safety bolt inside, and move the safety piece above. Or push a sharp piece of wood through the edge of the door frame, then lift the door slightly, make a crack, let the latch out of the door frame, and use a screwdriver to pry it open from the outside or the inside.

How to do if the lock core cannot be extracted from the lock body?

1, if the lock core from the lock body how hard, can not pull out, it is necessary to consider that it may be because the internal card or the inside is too astringent, it will lead to withdrawal. You can directly add oil to the lock body to increase lubricity, and you can effectively pull out the lock core.

2, if it is because the lock piece in the lock core is stuck, you need to use a small wire, the pick inside the first place, and then the lock core out, it will become simpler.