Unlocking company teach you how to maintain car keys

2023-06-05 09:18

1. Don't put your car keys with your phone

Keep your car keys with your phone

Car keys may not work properly in the presence of magnetic field interference. If it is put together with the mobile phone for a long time, the smart key will fail due to the influence of the mobile phone frequency.

2. Don't drop your car keys

Don't drop your car keys

Crashing is a nightmare for most electronic products, and car keys are no exception, so handle them carefully to avoid crashing.

3, often see some owners like to put the car keys on the table, this time to pay extra attention not to drink tea soup and so on too close, in case spilled on the car keys, its water will damage the internal line.

4, avoid the car keys in a high temperature and humid environment for a long time, and do not be exposed to the sun.

5, many people like to string the keys hanging in the waist, for the car keys, for a long time and other metal friction, may make the switch limit components and contact points wear, and then cause the engine to start or drive due to power failure and flaring.

6, spare keys and the current key do not put together, do not put the spare key in the car, so that in dealing with emergency needs will give you more options.