The lockpicking company gives you tips for installing the door lock

2023-06-05 09:18

1. Only the end with insurance can be removed, and special attention should be paid to the installation of the spherical door lock. Just on the device, do not remove the end with the key installation, try to read the instructions before the device.

2, can not cause the hand to lift up hard when opening the door, the device should pay attention to the handle lock: such as left open right open after the exchange. Because the middle and high handlocks on the market at present have the ability to exchange left and right, you do not need to consider the direction of its door when buying.

3, to use the original factory design of the original device manual, the device handle lock and ball door lock.

4. When the door is painted, after the door lock device. The door lock needs to be removed so that the exposed parts do not get paint, because when the paint is removed, it will certainly destroy a protective film of the lock.

5, in order to protect the door lock, during construction, do not use adhesive paper to wrap the exposed parts of the lock (including security paper), otherwise it will damage the maintenance film on the exterior of the door lock after opening.