What services can unlock companies provide

2023-06-05 09:17

What services can unlock companies provide

1. Unlock the door

Door unlocking service is a lock company is more common and often provide a service, is to provide a door unlocking business for the lock, common door locks, bicycle locks, motorcycle locks, shed locks and other difficulty levels are not high do not require a particularly high level of skill, or master special unlocking skills of the unlocking business, can be unlocked by the unlocking company. Generally, this unlocking service takes a short time, and the Ningbo unlocking company will send the unlocking master to the destination to complete the unlocking.

2. Disassemble the electronic lock

Electronic locks or common fingerprint locks have higher unlocking difficulty, unlocking companies will send master master special unlocking skills for door unlocking services, generally speaking, this special lock breaking time is relatively long, may not be solved in a short time, and the need for power off operation is more complicated, Ningbo lock company will generally send a team of 2 to 3 people to open the door service.

3. Break the safe

Once the safe is locked, if you forget the key or key, basically can not get inside the collection by not destroying the safe itself, the high-grade safe and the public Security Bureau police station network, so when breaking the indoor safe, the owner of the safe is to provide identity proof of the lock to inform the local public security department first.

The above is the common type of unlocking provided by the unlocking company, a variety of high-end physical locks and electronic locks, etc., are not difficult to open the unlocking company, the strength is unusual, the skill of the unlocking company more often will help the unlocking company to reduce losses, as far as possible in the form of not breaking the door, lossless unlocking work.