How much is the fingerprint lock? What are the benefits of installing a fingerprint lock

2023-06-05 09:17

1, under normal circumstances, the price of installing the fingerprint lock is about 150 yuan - 300 yuan, the price is usually based on whether the home needs to punch, the opening of the hole is more expensive, no need to open the hole, 150 yuan can be done, now the general purchase will be free door assembly, if you want to do the installation master, can find smart lock manufacturers to cooperate, If you want to buy a fingerprint password lock, you must stipulate that the store is free to assemble.

2, fingerprint password lock must be assembled by special management personnel, otherwise fingerprint password lock not only can not effectively operate the task, but also help security anti-theft system produce invisible security risks. In fact, the installation of fingerprint locks does not cost much money, and second - and third-tier cities can be solved by talking about 100 yuan. Because of security considerations, this cost must be out of the installation of fingerprint locks, naturally, do not find unreliable small booth assembly in order to be cost-effective, but also ask the industry or the store specific after-sales business can be trusted.

3, fingerprint lock is generally assembled in the steel door, if you want to be installed in the glass door, actually look at the design of your laminated glass door, if the glass door has a wrap, the width and height of the wrap strip meet the requirements of the fingerprint lock, so that there are many fingerprint lock can be installed, but if not, the selection space is not large, if immediately installed to the door, With the right kind of login code to use a credit card. However, if you choose access control lock, the glass sliding door only needs to be done in accordance with the general, all can be assembled, the installation requirements are not very large, the assembly cost will not be very high, and the price of the steel door is basically.

What are the benefits of installing a fingerprint lock

1, the installation of fingerprint lock can have many advantages than the general anti-theft door lock core, more go out no longer need to take the key. This also refers to anyone in the family, children do not need to wear a set of keys around their necks when going out, parents do not need to bring a key when going out to buy fruit - and even the possibility of losing the key is also removed. In addition, sometimes when going out for entertainment activities, you do not need to bring a set of keys to go out, which is convenient and clean.

2, there is also if sometimes go home in the middle of the night, do not have to call relatives to open the door. If you come home late at night, do you want your parents, spouse, or children to open the door for you? If you sometimes stand outside the door, you do not have to worry about the door suddenly closed and can not enter, and the key is just thrown inside, you can calmly use your finger to reopen it.

3, there is also a security consideration, even if the aunt at home changed the lock core does not need to use to ensure safety, just delete her fingerprint identification, then it is very safe, will not be opened by her. Also, if a customer friend comes to stay for a week or two, you do not need to repair the lock, and the fingerprint recognition of the customer's friends can be input.

We have seen some fingerprint lock status, because the fingerprint lock is a relatively novel and has a certain high-tech lock goods, in the modern house decoration design, many homes are assembled. Therefore, before the purchase of the house decoration, it is of course necessary to do some necessary mastering for how much it costs to install the fingerprint lock and what are the benefits of installing the fingerprint lock.