Do I need to change the lock after unlocking?

2023-06-05 09:14

Many times will worry about whether the unlocked lock needs to be replaced, the unlocking company tells you that the score is different, different situations will lead to different results.

If violence is used to unlock the lock, resulting in the lock core being destroyed, it is necessary to replace a new lock, but also to re-match the key. If the lock core is not damaged when opening the lock, there is no need to replace the lock.

Second, whether the company is a regular company that has been registered in the public security department, if it is a small company, it can change the lock for safety reasons, ensure future safety, and avoid the property of the home being stolen.

Therefore, how not to distinguish whether the unlocking company is formal, is also very important, call the unlocking master, should first ask if there is a unlocking certificate, and then tell him what is the situation, and the unlocking master to discuss the price, if you feel appropriate, the price is acceptable, then you can tell the unlocking master your specific address, if you feel inappropriate, Please do not give your specific address to others.

Before the unlocking personnel have not arrived, do not contact other personnel to avoid two groups of people arriving at the same time leading to embarrassing scenes, some people may also feel that they ran in vain to ask you for oil. If you fiddle with the door on the way to the unlocking personnel, you should inform the unlocking personnel in time.

When the unlocking personnel arrive, you must ask him to take a look at the card, pay attention to the time to check whether I am a person, whether the public security record